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Choose a Valve

There are many types of valves to choose. You can make one, you can buy one, and that's about it. Here's a quick little guide on how to pick the right one.

What you will need:

-The Internet

How to:

1.) Limit size first. This has to connect to a coupler. Preferably 1/4" or smaller is what you want. Be careful though. The smaller you make it, the less likely you can find parts for it.

2.) Figure out how you want to activate it. Do you want to pull a lever? Do you want it to go off only when you make the spider sign? Do you not really care? Do you want to hold some kind of detonator to fire the liquid? 

3.) Figure out what you are willing to add onto it. Do you want to add a spinneret? Are you willing to use batterties? 

4.) Now research the internet to find these requirements. For me, I only found solenoid valves, tilt valves, and push button valves.

5.) Now that you've picked one that you like, start planning for improvements. Let's say I choose solenoid. I want to add a spinneret, so I want to make sure that where my fluid escapes is female and threaded. That way I can make a spinneret and screw it in. 

6.) Now that your ideal valve is in your head, start searching using those specifications. I found that I got the best results for me when i searched "solenoid valve 12v 1/4" That is just for what I want. If you want something smaller or different shaped, add different adjectives to describe them. Valves are diverse.

Written by White_widow

Construct a Shooter

The web shooter is a very simple device. It's:

1.) A valve and an actuator

2.) Tubing with couplers

3.) A pressure vessel.

Now this instructable assumes that you have these three things.

Things you will need:

- Teflon tape

- Monkey wrench

- Valve of choice with actuator

- Pressure tubing of at least 200 psi test rating.

- A pressure vessel

- Couplers.

- Spray bottle filled with soap and water


1.) Cover all of your couplers in teflon tape on the threading. Don't overdue it, but wrap the threading at least three times.

2.) Using the wrench, screw all of the couplers into their alotted spots. There should be one for each valve (specific to valve) and one T-coupler for the pressure vessel. This is assuming you are using a tank on your back. This is different if you use cannisters or cartridges. For cannisters, just use regular couplers. Just buy four of the same kind you are using for the valve.

3.) Connect the tubing to the couplers. Basically it slides on to the couplers and can't shake loose. If you are having problems with this use ring clamps. 

4.) Pressurize the pressure vessel with nothing in it.

5.) Spray the water/soap solution on all the couplers. If it bubbles, there is a leak, and you need to fix it with more tape or plumber's putty.

Written by White_widow

Make Cartridges

The most requested instructable in this project is cartridge construction. Well, ok.


- PVC Piping (get the pressure tested stuff)

- End caps designed for that piping

- Pipe cutter.

- Pvc cement and primer.

- Plumber's putty and teflon tape

- Drill 

- Schrader valve.

- Toothpaste tube.

- Bike pump

How to:

1.) Cut the PVC pipe to the size of your toothpaste tube plus an inch or two.

2.) Drill holes into the end caps. One should be big enough to fit the schrader valve, and the other should be big enough for the toothpaste tube's cap. Both should be a really tight fit.

3.) Put the formula into the toothpaste tube.

4.) With teflon tape, seal the schrader valve into the end cap. With the putty, secure the toothpaste tube to the other end cap.

5.) Use the PVC cement to cement both end caps into the PVC tube. 

6.) Pressurize the cartridge with a bike pump.

7.) Attatch to the piercing nipple in the shooter.

How it works:

The toothpaste is solvent resistent and can withstand compressive force but not expansive force. The PVC can withstand expansive force, but isn't solvent resistant. when the pressure is added, the toothpaste tube is squeezed hard. All it needs is an opening.