The Formula

Here, we will post ideas on the formula recipe.

Formula #1 - Cellustick
Courtesy of White_widow

What you'll need (proportions unavailable):

- Cellulose acetate

- Acetone

- Contact cement

- Guar gum or xanthan gum

- A tackifying resin

- A polyethylene jar with a good seal (i.e. Peanut Butter jar)

- Anti-stick stirring rod


1.) Put cellulose acetate powder into the jar and mix it with acetone (with the stirring rod). Add just enough acetone to create a liquidy state. This is your base.

2.) Take the base, and mix in the tackifying resin and contact cement. This should thicken the material. If too thick, add more acetone. 

3.) Mix the full material with like 1-2% guar gum or xanthan gum. This will make the material even thicker, but will give it shear thinning properties in liquid form.

4.) Put it in a web shooter and compress it.


- It should be noted that most of the formula is going to be cellulose acetate. If not it will lose fibrous abilities. It should be over 60% of the formula's composition.

- You don't need alot of gum. The rheologic properties are found if only a little is added. It has to be over 1%.

- Make sure to mix very well.

- Don't swing... (save that for nano-cellulose ;))

Formula #2 - Elastyrene
Courtesy of White_widow

This recipe is very similar to the Cellustick formula. 


- Styrofoam (possibly pre -extruded for advanced properties.)

- Acetone

- Contact cement

- STA (Guar gum)

- Tackifier

- Rubber cement


1.) Liquify styrofoam with acetone and keep it in a jar.

2.) Create adhesive with cement and tackifier

3.) Mix the two.

4.) Mix in guar gum powder until easy to mix in gel form.

5.) Compress.

STLA Correction
Courtesy of White_widow

Xanthan gum is not a STLA; it's thixotropic only when combined with guar gum. Buy guar gum instead.

Leren's formula

It's simple.
- 1/3 Elmer's glue
- 1/3 Super glue (cyanoacrylate)
- 1/3 Acetone
- Add a little salt and vinegar

You could probably add rubber cement to strengthen it.

Basic Formula Template:

- Adhesive
- Strong Plastic
- Solvent
- Surfactant