The Shooter

Here, we will post ideas on the mechanics of the web shooter.

Basic Components of a Web Shooter
Courtesy of White_widow

The web shooter has been simplified on the forums. It has always been said that a shooter needs three components:

1.) Pressure vessel

2.) Valve

3.) Actuator.

This isn't entirely correct however. Let me give you a run down of a full blown shooter.

You need a pressure vessel, an intake valve, a release valve, a source of pressure, an actuator, a spinneret, an arm band, and some patience.

Now it's theoretically possible to skip the intake valve, if the release valve can fulfill both functions. However, as the project progresses, it may be good to have two.

The web shooter in itself isn't too unrealistic. It's a super squirt gun. People make that kind of thing on YouTube all the time. The unrealistic part is the insane amount of fluid that one needs to carry to achieve something similar to what peter shows. That's not Stan Lee's fault, that's marketing. Stan lee only really imagined him using his web shooters in a bind. When Spider-man came out in a movie, fluid consumption went through the roof.

A simple bracelet style shooter could maybe hold one small web line. It would be a thread, maybe ten to thirty feet. A fixed cartridge would hold 4-8x that amount. adding a canister can turn those feet into hundreds of yards. Connect a couple canisters to a tank, and you're in business. Make sure that when you create your shooter, you make it so that you design ways to connect fluid sources to the shooter.

Getting Rid of Acetone
Courtesy of White_widow

To create a functional web shooter, we need to heat up the formula, just enough to get rid of the acetone. When I say this, I mean warm. Now how are we going to do that? Answer: We need to make a heating coil. First, read this web page:

Read it? Good. Now here's the issue. Acetone is stable, but flammable. The only thing more so is pure oxygen, so we are going to have to experiment with this one.

All you need is a switch, some of that wiring, a battery, and a tube that the fluid will pass through (copper), 

When experimenting with this, remember that acetone has a flash point similar to gasoline, so it can't get too hot. You need to limit the heat by using low voltage (1.5-3v max), and by using a lot of coil (more coil = less heat). This will make it so that the fibers are born the second they exit the shooter. In fact, because we (I am at least) are going to use a conductive mesh for the spinneret, the heat will be transferred to the spinneret heating the fibers as they extrude.

Solvent-resistant PVC Pressure Vessel
Courtesy of MarvelFan

With acetone as a solvent, using PVC to construct the pressure vessel is a problem. The acetone eats away at the PVC. This is a way to combat that problem.

If you line the inside of the PVC vessel with duct tape, the acetone would not come in contact with it. This allows the combination of acetone as a solvent and PVC as the pressure vessel, and could also possibly allow the vessel to hold more pressure.

Basic Shooter Necessities

- A container for the web fluid
- A way to propel the web fluid
- A spinneret
- A valve
- A way to open and close the valve